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About us


all products are cut & sewn in
los angeles, ca
cognitive designs from a simple soul with a perplexed mind
 Cynsora is a fashion forward, cut & sew apparel company based and
manufactured in Downtown Los Angeles. Created by Cynthia Sora, Cynsora
concentrates in women’s contemporary with underlining influences and trends
from street-wear, men’s wear, runway and basic style concepts. With
support from her best friend, Joanna, the duo are constantly tossing around
ideas that incorporate innovation, functionality, and sustainability. Cynsora
focuses on aesthetic value and thrives on inspirations, which is reflected
through a play of experimentation and devotion to detailed mood concepts,
construction and fabrication of each style.



"Fashion is an oxymoron. It's simple but yet complicated.

And like life, there is more to fashion than what meets the eye.

I want to take the advantage of being able to live life in adventure and style

by designing more than pretty clothing. Everyone loves a good story. 

I want to create valued clothing that shares stories of life adventures -

one collection at a time."


Peace, Love and Everything in Between,

-Cynthia Sora


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